Players are easily drawn into slot machines with the hope of hitting the jackpot.However, winning large sums at this game remains difficult because the “luck” factor plays a preponderant role (much higher than in poker or sports betting).

So is it possible to win SLOT777 machines at online or offline casinos? And if so, what are the gambling strategies to put in place to play longer and earn more money.

Know your gambling limits at the casino

The first tip is not related to your game but to your bank. In poker or sports betting, players must know how to manage their bankroll. The same goes for slot machine players.

Before registering on an online casino site or selling in a physical casino, you must define a loss limit and a win threshold. If you reach this level, stop playing and withdraw that money. If you’ve hit your loss limit, now is the time to go, too. You will start playing again later in the week or in the month, at a rested head. It is vital not to cross the red line and to avoid gambling-related burnout.

Have a pre-established game plan

All slot machine players should establish a tailor-made game plan according to their means and the time they wish to spend playing in the casino or on the Internet. For regular players, we invite you to establish a weekly plan:

  • Determine how many hours you want to spend on your slots per day
  • Split your weekly bankroll by day and then by daily playing hours
  • Ex: if you want to play 10 hours a week by withdrawing on Saturday and Sunday. You will opt for a regular game of 2 hours / day (i.e. 10 hours over 5 days). Your bankroll is € 100 per week. You can therefore play 20 € / day and 10 € / hour.

Slot machines strategy

Establishes an efficient and secure slot machine strategy

Hide the rest of your money (or stay Zen)

Unlike poker or sports betting, money can go by at great speed when you lose at slot machines . Imagine a plan B maybe a solution but the easiest way is to follow the following plan:

  • Determine a sum of money from the start (your bankroll for the day)
  • Block your player account to limit your daily contributions
  • Hide your money

For casino players (offline), a simple technique is to play with coins rather than tickets. We can also play with several people to prevent each other from spending more than the amount of play determined at the start.

Choosing the best online casino or casino site

The choice of the online casino is essential for your success. It’s a question that comes up often: “where to find the best online casino site?” ” . Several tests exist on the web with more or less fair reliability. Our advice: do your own tests and try different platforms to choose the online casino that suits you best. However, several criteria of great importance must be taken into account:

Legal aspects: is the online casino legal in France and reliable for French players?

Payment methods: prefer sites with classic secure payment methods in euros.